Technology Making Life Better

Technology came in to this world to make the world a better place. Is technology doing its job? We all find people complain that they want to switch off the mobile phones and throwaway their laptops and just go one road trips. Yes, technology is making us connect with a lot of people by disconnecting in real life but putting that aside it gives you so many different perks and opportunities. My advice is that when it comes to communication you need to strike a balance between real life and technology. When it comes to opportunity grab it with both hands in whatever way it comes.

Look at the medicine industry, there are many doctors who competent on different levels. Just imagine if a doctor from a rural area needs to treat some patient but he is not sure of the disease. All he needs to do is give a call to city hospital doctor and ask for advice. It could save lives. Knowing rural areas who know, what kind of diseases lurk.

Tablets and smart phones are bringing everything in your pocket. There was a time where you had to bring a big bag with calculator, text book, notebook, etc. Today you have the calculator in your smart device and also your can have the pdf open in your device as well. Although I prefer to study with the book in my hand but the smart device makes things easily to carry.
Google being on the forefront of innovating technology has introduced Google chromecast ultra Hong Kong where 4K HD videos can be streamed with less buffer time and not distortion. I remember when I had to wait for at least a few minutes to download a low quality video of just a 2 to 3 MB file.

Today everything is so fast and so clear surely technology has come a long way. Look at most homes today. They protected with alarms that they can control with a touch of their mobile phone. Even indoor security cameras that have heat sensor. Everything has changed.

Buying and selling has never been this easy. You have something to sell? Go to a local website that is a platform to buy and sell. I am pretty sure that all countries have their own platform for people to buy and sell just like E-bay. You can whatever you want and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep and if you can sell something with your money coming straight to your bank account.

Technology connects you to the whole world but it also exposes you to the whole world. Make surewhen you keep your digital footprint that it doesn’t give much information but enough to get you what you want.